About Me

When I was twelve years old I tasted a meal that was so brilliant, it has changed my perception of food forever.

After a day of walking around Siena, Italy I was cranky and tired, and annoyed when my mother told me we had reservations at a little restaurant Rick Steves had recommended. First of all, I was tired, whiny, and would much rather go back to the shabby hotel room and sleep. Second of all, after traveling around Europe for two months, this “Rick Steves” had begun to annoy me. All I knew about him was that he wore glasses from the seventies, talked like a prude, and worst of all – my mother loved him. Anyways, mother got her way, and we walked to the restaurant to eat dinner. We were one hour early, and as I slumped in self pity against a stone wall I thought of how my feet hurt, and how dirty I felt. Little did I know was in less than three hours my life, and taste buds, would be completely changed forever.

Ever since then I have been obsessed with finding dishes that even come close to that meal in Siena. My home is in Orange County, where I am blessed with diverse cuisines. I have made it my task to keep my ears alert to any chit chat of “the best…” and go taste it. I love to travel, and love documenting the dishes, restaurants, and experiences that I have. I also love to experiment at home with baking and cooking dishes only using the finest – local organic wholsome ingredients.  I hope one day to make this my profession, and become a food journalist.