by gypsygrub

Veganism has changed my life. It has opened me up to things I didn’t even realize I was naive to in the past. So much suffering happens because people choose to follow the Standard American Diet, so much suffering that could be prevented. I fluctuate between having tolerance for people who have the knowledge but choose not to lead a vegan lifestyle, and being extremely angry at people choosing ignorance. So much love could be spread, so many sick lives could be changed to healthy ones. Lives would be saved.

I am thankful in my life that I was not born vegan. I know there is value to the experiences of diverse foods from different countries. This blog, and the exploration it has provided has made me more colorful with words and more varied in experiences. I enjoyed the meat dishes I had, but do I miss them? no. Once you have an awareness of what meat and dairy industries are really like, it is nearly impossible to go back. The taste of an animal is not worth the suffering.

It was in France that I “woke up”. That I realized the responsibility I was not taking for my food choices. I am too empathic a person to take the life of an animal and I refuse to eat it. I do not believe my life is more valuable than another. And so next month, I will celebrate my third year being vegan. Yes, maybe I have not been able to experience as much variety in foods but my health is optimal, and I have tried plant foods that stun my tastebuds. It is amazing with how creative individuals can be with foods made from the earth.

It has been too long since I wrote a post here. I always loved this place to vocalize my ideas and perceptions on one of my favorite things –food. I thank you all for following me through my journey, and encourage you to rethink your role in the foods you choose to eat.