First Post in More Than a Year!

by gypsygrub

Yes, I disappeared for quite a while. During that time I lived in France a savored so many marvelous new eating experiences. I returned back to California and decided to settle on a permanent vegan diet (haha yes after a year of cheese and meats). I was just about to leave to go to University on the East Coast when the unthinkable happened. There was shocking news to my family that one of my closest family members had developed cancer.

Cancer changes everything. No one in their life expects such a drastic illness to seemingly come out of the sky, it changes peoples views on each other, on life, on food. I have grown up in a very health conscious home, and we were startled to hear that most cancers are diet related. So I realized drastic lifestyle changes must be made immediately. We found a anti-cancer regime called the Gerson Diet, and my family used that as a means to battle the illness.

It is one of the hardest times in someones life to deal with cancer- what it means- and I knew writing about bland soups, juices, boiled potatoes, and lettuce with apple cider vinegar would not fill my food writing needs. Needless to say I did not leave for University. I stayed and cared for my loved one.

After a few months we saw that things could turn out well. There was still underlying panic that at any moment something horrible, unthinkable may occur, but there was more peace. I realized I couldn’t keep living cooped up in the house constantly thinking about the darkness that could be. So I applied for my dream job as a chef at a vegan-raw foods restaurant and I got it! In a week I was promoted to Head Chef and Manager of the restaurant. It was an amazing experience. During that time my focus was on raw living foods, and I ate that way for a long while. Recently I quit, to continue my journey in life. I will leave for University in less than a month and am thoroughly thrilled.

This last year has been one of the hardest, and has revolutionized my ideas on God, live, relationships and food. I hope to share with you what I have learned and continue to carry you through my journey with me. Thank you for always being encouraging and taking the time in your very important life to read.