Wake Up America, Your Meat Once Had a Soul

by gypsygrub

When I first came to France I was shocked and horrified by the butcher stalls lining the streets and markets. How (I thought) could they subject their children to such horrible frightening visuals such as those. I feel guilt every time I put a piece of meat in my mouth. A dead fish body preserved on ice. When you look you see it – how it really is. It isn’t clean or pretty looking like the filet cut you buy at the store. It was living and it had eyes. Your dollar supported the killing of it and your eating its dead body. It’s the truth and America refuses to see it.

However, the French see how meat really is, a naked lamb skull with eyes still in tact, lamb brain in the farmers market, skinned bloody bodies of rabbits ready for stew, whole chickens in tact except dead and missing all of their plumage. They see what they are eating, and they eat it anyways. In America, everything is masked. If no one ever told you the patty on your burger once looked like a huge living cow there would be no way you would know. We are not subjected to such images because they are “TOO GRAPHIC” for us and especially our children. But then aren’t we choosing to be naive and not take responsibility for what we are eating? Is it even a choice if we can’t see the whole truth?

I hugely respect the French for many lessons they have taught me, but I feel that most of all they have opened my eyes. They eat raw beef and they know it is the same as the cows they pet at the petting zoo. The children know, the adults know no one is hiding it from them. In a way its sadistic, they are desensitized to a bit of gore, but most importantly they are taking responsibility for the choices they are making. Once I had the realization of what I was actually eating I realized when I ate a piece of meat I could not mentally associate the animal I was eating with the animal that I loved. Therefore I decided morally it was completely unacceptable for me to be eating meat if I couldn’t handle the truth.

And so I beg of you America. You don’t have to go vegetarian or vegan, because I know “all vegans are hippies and they know nothing about nutrition, and their all so fat and unhealthy” (haha) but I just ask that you TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Realize what you are eating, make a conscious effort to truly realize what it is you are putting into your mouth. If you can stand the thought that you are eating an animal, you are much stronger than I, I suppose. Just realize that we are being purposely blinded and you are taking initiative to see truth.