A Realization and a Boy Band

by gypsygrub

Overall the stereotype could be made that the French look at life like its some twisted joke. Of course it’s not entirely true but they have a more depressed sarcastic but deeply honest view on life. It did not hit me on how much the culture had effected me until just this morning. I was laying in the bath tub after a good hike running through my best guilty pleasure I-miss-home teen vogue magazine when I came across a spread on an all boy band that went to Africa to help the children there. If I I saw this spread seven months ago I would have seen it, read it and proceeded to feel warm and fuzzy inside like all was a little bit more right in the world. However without my knowledge it seems my brain had changed me into a completely different person. My first reaction when I saw the spread was absolute disgust. I literally laughed out in disgust. Not because I disliked the faces of said boy band, but because the whole idea of what the article was trying to convey had worked. I had been brain washed by my prior American culture and through France I have learned how stupid Americans really are. But we can’t help it! We have been fed certain norms, and been allowed to stay in the comfortable darkness without stepping out of our comfort zone and seeing the truth that surrounds us. This article would make a person reassured that the world was a better place, leave them feeling content and satisfied while they lay on their half a million dollar couch and did nothing to help the world. The feel good culture leaves citizens feeling as if there is no real need to do anything because they are reassured and fulfilled by the doings of celebrities who then profit from the publicity.