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Month: February, 2013


Yes we have all heard of “hot chocolate so thick and rich it is like a melted chocolate bar”. I have heard hot chocolate described in this delicious way many times, and yet it always disappoints. Hot chocolate can be thick and creamy and lovely, but if it can easily strain through a sieve, it is not literally as if it were a melted chocolate bar.

Because of this loosely used description, my hopes for Amorino weren’t too high. I had been recommended by a fellow American in Paris who was generally over enthusiastic about everything. Then one blustery snowy night I found myself completely lost in the Latin Quarter with my hands feeling as if they would soon crack off my arms all together and fall icy onto the snow beneath me (despite the fact I had two sets of gloves on). If you have had the pleasure of visiting the Latin Quarter you will know that at night there are not many stores you can simply “duck into” to catch your breath or quickly warm yourself. As I passed countless numbers of Kebab stands and Italian restaurants I began to wonder if my life had took a turn for the worst, and if I was now living the tale of the Little Matchbox Girl. Although I was without matches and all of my grandparents are still alive, I began to slip into a daze that is only brought on by an absence of feeling in your whole body despite how many warm layers you possess. And so I was in this state when all of a sudden I was awakened by the sight of a warmly lit cafe in which smiling faces were accompanied by a thick chocolate mustache.

France home 014 

Next thing I knew I was at the register ordering in perfect French, and sitting down with a large cup of something warm. I knew as soon as my lips hit the chocolate that I was alive. The hot chocolate, as thick in fact as a melted chocolate bar coated my mouth and lips with a sensation that can only be brought on by the most sinful of God’s creations. I had chosen the dark chocolate, which was perfect for my taste and just a tiny bit sweet. The milk chocolate is a bit sweeter and less dense in its cocoa flavor. They also have some other flavors like hazelnut and nutella. After possessing a mustache in the likes of Emiliano Zapata I decided to attack the bliss with another tactic – the spoon. It was the slow dripping off the edge of the spoon that reminded me that this beverage (though indeed just hot chocolate) had comforted me and wrapped itself around me, maternal in nature as all good sustenance can.


Visit any of Amorino’s locations in Paris at;

47 Rue Saint-Louis en l’Île
01 44 07 48 08

17 Rue Daguerre
01 43 20 15 78

6 Rue Guisarde
01 43 54 11 80

To find other locations in different countries, and explore their products you can visit,


An Organic Crepe to Remember

In California there are blue skies and agreeable weather gracing the populace most of the time. I did not know how much I would yearn for those perks when I moved to France. That’s what made today perfect – the first sunny day in France since I arrived. Because of this I can say that there is nothing better than wandering the streets of Paris, totally lost and in complete bliss.

Paris with Stacey 019

I had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow food blogger Stacey at a tiny family run cafe near the Latin Quarter called Little Breizh. They specialize in crepes, and are well known as the  place to get good crepes and friendly service. They also use as many locally sourced Bio (organic) ingredients as possible.Paris with Stacey 022

I cautiously must admit that my palate has grown a bit tired of the “French food” flavor profile so I picked the most unusual and complex thing on the menu the “Say Cheese”. Most savory crepes are plain buckwheat, but this crepe was a pleasant surprise. The organic flour used is milled specially by the owners – brother and sister Pierre and Claire Goasdoue. It had complex nutty undertones and bits of seeds in the batter which were perfectly unique. The inside was filled with goat cheese and apples, and it was topped artfully with drizzled honey and  chestnut powder.Paris with Stacey 023

I was very pleased with this crepe, and would love to return to Little Breizh for another wonderful experience, and perhaps next time a complex dessert crepe.


Visit Stacey’s blog at


You can visit Little Breizh at;

11 Rue Grégoire de Tours 75006 Paris
01 43 54 60 74

Or visit their website (in french)